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Happy b-day

Happy birthday to Granda Kate today! I hope you have a lovely day!





Short update

Wow, I just read my second to last post and discovered that it was January of last year! I wish I could blame my lack of involvement on having a daughter who insists on "Baddy" playing with her every minute until she goes to bed. Not that I mind so much. The real problem is that I'm just so tired by the end of the day. The irony is that last January I said I'd be "better in a few weeks." Oh, if only that were true. 14 months and 250 health insurance claims later and we've found I'm anemic, short on vitamins B12 and D, have had C-diff, and have had at least one bout with pouchitis. We still haven't found the cause of the all-consuming fatigue I feel a lot of the time. I'm somewhat better now that I've gotten an iron infusion but still not 100%.

Anyway, enough of that. The great news is that our daughter, Lizzy, has started to talk. Her third birthday was in November and that's really when she started trying. She started speech therapy in the summer of 2009 and it took that long before she began. Maybe she just didn't want to, who knows. We've still got a long road ahead but there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Work is still going well. Still busy as anything. We've just completed the final acceptance test on a new product that was started in 2004, which I picked up in 2007. We should ship the first system next week, which is a huge milestone. I'll be on this project at least through this time next year, that's one of the interesting things about military projects: they can be very long. One of the benefits of the site I work at is being involved from the beginning to the end. Wish I could tell more about what it is but sadly, I can't. Not because it's a big secret but because we're just not supposed to tell anyone about our progress. That's for "marketing" to do :)

Well, off to catch up on Bible reading. We're trying to read the Bible in 90 days. I'm about a week behind right now but that's okay. Even if I don't catch up it will still be a great experience.

Still miss writing so bad it hurts...

Deathly Hallows

Just got home from seeing Deathly Hallows.  There are no words to say how good it was!  Best one yet, by far!!!!!!!!!!!

Hapee Birthdae hwimsey!

Even though we haven't heard from you in a while, I still want to wish you a happy birthday!

HBP the second time

In short, we liked it.  Saw it the first time on Wednesday night and then again Friday night.  It was better the second time but we still object to the scene at the Burrow.  It did very little to advance the plot and wasted valuable time that could have been put to better use at the end of the film.  I could get nit-picky about some other things, too, but this was our biggest complaint.  Otherwise we liked it a lot.  The acting in particular has come a long way, especially by the trio, but Tom Felton did a great job also.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Ivy!  Hope it's a great one!

#2 is still better than all the rest

Okay, so my Spartans lost last night... um, really bad.  But, hey, #2 is still better than all the rest of the teams in the country, right?


MSU in National Championship

Well, it's going to be a late night tomorrow for my wife and I.  We both went to Michigan State and so we're preparing ourselves for a fantastic night of basketball!  We were both students when we won it back in 2000, so here's to hoping for the third win in the school's history!!!


Death and Life (kind of)

My grandmother passed away last Wednesday at the age of 83.  She had been in a nursing home for just over 13 years after to a serious heart attack.  I remember her as a strong, opinionated, loving woman, who took joy above everything else in seeing her grandchildren surrounding her.  I have many great memories of spending time with her and will keep them forever.

My grandfather has spend every day of the last 13 years at her side and will not know what to do with himself now.  His knees are so bad he can hardly walk, his sight is getting worse, and his hearing is not good.  He will need lots of prayers in the coming weeks as he begins to adjust to this loss.

We traveled up to Grand Rapids (from Dayton) on Thursday night and stayed with friends there, completing the trip to Walhalla on Friday.  That night our daughter got a cold and hardly slept at all, ergo we hardly slept at all.  A grave-side service was held Saturday morning and was very nice, the rain even held off for a bit during the service.  There was a luncheon in her memory in the afternoon and lots of family showed up.  We tried to keep lots of company around my grandpa to keep him occupied and it worked well most of the time.  Saturday night I got the cold from my daughter so we were both miserable on Sunday.  After lunch we left for Grand Rapids to stay with our friends again.  Once we got there we decided to just make the rest of the drive home.  I had always planned on being off from work today so no big deal there.

We're waiting on the neighbor's kids right now because we're going to watch them after school until their dad gets home.  Hopefully they won't pick up our germs!
When I first heard from my wife that Warner Bros had moved HBP to next summer I couldn't believe it.  So I went and read the news and discovered that it's true.  What I found changed my feelings from shock to disappointment.  It turns out, sadly, that WB is just like every other big company: they only care about making money.  Mr. Alan Horn, Pres and COO, actually used the word "competitive" in his justification for the delay.  What he's saying is that they want to wait until next summer so that more people will see the movie, thus making WB more money.  It's very simple.  Disappointed, I was, or maybe on second thought, bitter and frustrated.  How could they do this to us???  Apparently fan loyalty ranks somewhere very low on their list.  As with all companies, stock price comes above EVERYTHING.  Maybe if we all band together we can get JKR to convince them to release this year.  What do you think?

On an unrelated note, I saw in the news where some guys claim they found the body of a Bigfoot.  Now I'm a fairly rational person, very level-headed, I am very good at letting things roll off my back.  However, I have an irrational fear of Bigfoot.  Does it make sense?  No.  But there you are.  I'm sure it's got to be a hoax, but that picture really freaks me out.